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 Australian Handmade Guitars at an Affordable Price

 For guitar players

 At Gardner guitars I not only strive to build the best sounding guitar that I can, I    want to make them affordable for as many people as possible. I always focus on    the musician first, and build instruments that I know youíll love to play.

 Gardner guitars are far from the most expensive guitars, but I guarantee they    easily hold up to the best known and most expensive.

 Innovation should only be where it improves the sound and    playability

 I donít put countless hours into intricate inlays and sound holes etc. just to create    a different looking guitar to sell, I only innovate when it benefits the player. To    make it sound and play better.

 Your guitar should feel like an extension of you, it becomes your friend. Why    should you have to struggle to get what you want out of a guitar you have just    paid a lot of money for?

 For learners

 Whether youíre just beginning, or well on your way, or if you have a child    learning to play guitar, a good guitar is an enormous benefit because itís easy to    play. Plus you wonít have to replace your guitar every couple of years as you    realize your playing is improving a lot, but your instrument is not keeping up.

 Beginners guitars are never made with the beginner in mind, they are made to    sell cheap. They are hard to play, and donít help the beginner at all. Any great    guitarist would struggle to play a cheap instrument well, so how can it be    expected that a learner would do well with one?

 Give a Gardner Guitar a try. I know youíll love it.

 Get in touch to arrange to have a play. Itís a very casual encounter with no    obligation at all. I can demonstrate them for you if youíre not a guitarist yet, or I    can arrange to have a professional guitarist to really show what a Gardner Guitar    can do.

 Russ Gardner